Closed Box Air Intake (18740) 2006-2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4.0L V6 - Volant Performance

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Closed Box Air Intake (18740) 2006-2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4.0L V6

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  • Volant air intake systems utilize a high-velocity venturi filter adapter which provides a smooth transition through the MAF sensor into the intake tube for a much needed airflow improvement over the factory rubber tubing and resonator box. Volant's Cool Air box is larger than the factory unit and incorporates a larger opening to collect a higher volume of colder ambient air.

    Filter Options Include:

    • Choose a PowerCore® for the best filtration on the market with 100,000 Maintenance Free Miles of Driving and perfect for hard conditions
    • Choose a Drytech Dry Filter for improved performance, easy soap and water maintenance, ideal for all cars and trucks
    • Choose MaxFlow 5 Oiled Filter for improved performance with the comfort of oiled filtration technology for those looking for horsepower
    Filter Type

    Drytech Dry Filter

    MaxFlow 5 Oiled Filter
    Filter Part # 61513 5160 5119
    Pre-Filter Part # 51920 51906
    Filter Maintenance No Maintenance Soap & Water 5100
    Snorkel Combo Part # 3874061 N/A 387401
    Snorkel Part #38740 Throttle Body Spacer Part #728640

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    Volant Performance Closed Box Air Intake (18740) 2006-2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4.0L V6 ReviewVolant Performance Closed Box Air Intake (18740) 2006-2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4.0L V6 ReviewVolant Performance Closed Box Air Intake (18740) 2006-2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4.0L V6 Review
    12 Apr 2024

    Not at all happy

    Pretty bad. I purchased what I thought was an entire kit to install a closed air system and snorkel on my 2097 Toyota FJ Cruised. However, when I began following the installation instructions, I quickly realized about half of the kit shown on the instructions was missing. I called the Volant dealer and learned that I still needed to order the closed air box system in addition to the snorkel portion of the kit at a cost of nearly another $500. When that part of the kit, I again began following the instructions. It readily became apparent that assembling the kit on the floor or the bench was easy but doing so on the vehicle was all but impossible. I drilled the 3 3/4 inch hole in the fender only to find that in addition to the fender’s outer metal skin there was an elaborate plastic inner fender (air box) that was not possible to drill through and could not be completely removed but had to be cut with aviation shears to facilitate access to the neck of the air box to be installed under the hood. I called the Volant “Technical Support Line” and was told that the technician was not there then and would call me back if I left a voice mail. I did and he did. When I posed the questions on how to install the snorkel tube through the fender and into the air box neck, he readily admitted that he didn’t know and had never installed one. So much for “Technical Support”. I asked how one was supposed to place and tighten a hose clamp at the connection of the snorkel tube and the rubber connector to the air box. That he also did not know. I finally tightened the inner hose clamp on the rubber connector to the air box and was able to twist the air box into a position that allowed me to forcibly twist the snorkel tube into the other end of the rubber connector. However, short of cutting an access hole in the inner fender well large enough to allow placement and tightening of a hose clamp at that connection, the system is installed without the hose clamp defeating the purpose of a “closed air box” impervious to water entering if submerged which is the whole point of installing a snorkel. Ising the templates to locate the bracket holes on the fender and “A-pillar” was also extremely difficult because once the template was in place the bracket side that connects to the snorkel is not visible. After various measurements and then several adjustments the brackets were installed and the snorkel was tightened in place. The top piece to the snorkel appears to be made in such a way that it slides over the snorkel and is secured by another hose clamp (not provided nor indicated in any of the direction). I used the hose clamp that I was unable to use on the snorkel to air box connector. It did not fit very well nor did the snorkel top piece to the snorkel. It seemed to me that it would soon vibrate and blow off. So, I purchased flathead stainless steel screws from Ace Hardware, installed the snorkel top piece, drilled a hole in either side through the top piece and snorkel tube, installed the two screws, and reinstalled the hose clamp (just to cover the screws and improve the overall appearance). Fir that kind of money, nearly $1,000, the kit should be better and there should be adequate instructions and a “Technical Support” person who knows what he’s supposed to be doing. Melanie at Volant was very helpful and friendly in assuring I got the right part number to complete the kit and the proper instructions on-line. Otherwise the Volant dealer really was poorly staffed and trained. Hire more Melanie’s!

    Walter J.
    United States United States
    Volant Performance Closed Box Air Intake (18740) 2006-2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4.0L V6 Review
    29 Jul 2023

    Volant fj Cruiser

    Awesome product

    Luis C.
    United States United States
    20 Apr 2023

    How about customer service?

    Terrible; came with a broken lid. Asked for a replacement. Have yet to hear back on that replacement lid from customer service. Test fitted the box while waiting to hear back from customer service representative. Box itself is the incorrect part as it does not allow for the hood of the FJ to close even close to proper. Feeling let down by another dismal company with a less than satisfactory designed product. Can't and won't recommend the product or the company itself.

    Austin D.
    United States United States
    05 May 2022

    Great Product!

    This is my second order with them. This one took a little long to ship but customer service kept me updated at all times!

    Thomas H.
    United States United States
    18 May 2021


    I'm really satisfied with the air filter, I really get extra hours power. Cleaning the filter is very easy and easy to take it out from the box for Cleaning , The price wise is really competitive comparing with other brands, But you suppose to send to me Volant sticker to apply on my car Thank you

    M S.
    United States United States

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