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CARB Emissions Information

TMG Performance Products, the makers of Volant Performance, are committed to abiding by all laws and regulations. 

In order to be sold or shipped into the state of California, and other states, Air Intakes, Throttle Bodies, and some other performance products are required to have an Executive Order, stating that the Air Resources Board has found that the installation of certain products does not reduce the effectiveness of the pollution control systems on a vehicle.  This does not apply to certain products that are determined to not materially impact the emissions of a vehicle.  For example, Cat-Back Exhaust Systems, Air Snorkels, Pre-Filters are not required to submit for an exemption from this ruling. 

An exemption from Vehicle Code Section 27156 (VC 27156), California's anti-tampering law, is required before any add-on or modified part can be sold in California.  Wherever possible, Volant Performance has worked with the California Air Resources Board to test and gain the Executive Orders allowing for the marketing and sale of products into the state of California, and other states that have adopted those measures.

Since as early as 2001, Volant has worked with CARB to gain the following Executive Orders.

D-526   D-526-1   D-526-2   D-526-3   D-526-4   D-526-5   D-526-6   D-526-7   D-526-8   D-803  D-803-1    D-803-2  D-803-3  D-803-7

These Executive Orders will be updated as new applications are approved by the ARB.

The Executive Orders apply to the specific Year/Make/Model/Engine and Part Number Combination. Please note that some vehicles do NOT have an Executive Order and are not available to be marketed, sold or shipped to California.  For Example, no Toyota Vehicles of any kind have an Executive Order for Volant Parts.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

In most cases, if you look up the Year Make Model of your vehicle and find your part number, you will see an "Emissions" tab.  In this section, you should be provided a review of the current status of exemption for your vehicle and part number.  It is important to note that not all filter types are exempted from each vehicle. To confirm, please visit our CARB Lookup Page to filter for your specific vehicle to see its EO Eligibility.

CARB Lookup Page 

We support the efforts of the ARB and have committed to continuing to work with them to ensure our products meet the requirements necessary to obtain the Executive Orders required to provide compliant products to passionate automotive enthusiasts in all locations.

If you are looking for a Replacement Executive Order Sticker, please visit our EO Sticker Replacement Page.

Please understand that the requirements to gain a replacement sticker are based on CARB Guidelines and not Volant. We will do our best to assist you in obtaining the replacement sticker, where appropriate. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. 


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