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Volant Air Filter Blue Oil (5109) 8 FL. OZ.

Volant Filter Oil MaxFlow 5 and Primo Diesel Cotton Gauze Filters (Blue)
Intended for all blue oiled filters.  Universal Blue Filter Oil. 

Volant's 8 Fluid Ounce Blue Filter oil is the ideal product to re-oil and maintain your blue oiled filter.  Developed with an industry leading chemical company, Volant's filter oil is specially formulated to help trap dirt, improving the filtration efficiency of your oiled filter.  On most vehicles, re-oiling will be needed every 10,000 to 15,000 miles, depending on driving conditions, to maintain peak filtration efficiency.   


1. Remove filter from vehicle and tap out any loose dirt. *if exceedingly dirty use Volant Cleaner (5108) to clean filter prior to re-oiling.

2. Apply a thin layer of oil to each filter pleat starting at the top of the filter. DO NOT OVER APPLY!

3. Allow oil to saturate pleats and work through the filtration media.  

4. Wait at least 60 minutes for oil to penetrate with filter sitting on base.

5. Re-install.


For Best Results on Oiled Filters:

Volant's filter oil (5109) contains a blue dye to easily see where the oil has saturated into the filter, eliminating the common mistake of over oiling the filter. When used correctly, Volant's filter oil can maintain the life and performance of your Volant high-flow filter.

Air flow test have proven that cotton-gauze filters flow much more air than paper element filters do. However, when they get dirty, they can clog up and limit air flow. This is one reason why you should clean your air filter with Volant's filter cleaner (Part # 5108) at least every 50,000 miles. Volant's filter cleaner loosens and removes embedded dirt opening media to return maximum performance.


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