Diesel Muflers - Volant Performance

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Diesel Muffler Upgrade: Duramax®, Powerstroke®, Cummins®

Universal diesel mufflers are designed to the unique specifications of Duramax®, Powerstroke® and Cummins® diesel engines. Each muffler is designed to target the unique drone inducing frequencies of each application, eliminating drone*, while creating an aggressive exhaust note. Designed for easy installation in most exhaust systems with a 4” center in, 4” center out, muffler design.

Eliminates Most Drone Frequencies    Sound Enhances Turbo Whine    Straight-Through Design Maximizes Power    4.0” Center In Center Out Muffler Design    304 Stainless Steel Construction    Made In The USA

    *Performance Diesel mufflers eliminate most drone inducing frequencies, muffler position and/or certain vehicle modification(s) may reduce drone mitigation capability.

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