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Volant Air Filter Cleaner and Degreaser (5108) 12 FL. OZ.

Volant Filter Cleaner MaxFlow 5 and Primo Diesel Cotton Gauze Filters (Blue)
Intended for all oiled filters Volant.  Universal Filter Cleaner

Volant's 12 Fluid Ounce Filter Cleaner is the ideal product to clean or maintain your oiled or synthetic dry filter.  Developed with an industry leading chemical company, Volant's filter cleaner is specially formulated to help lift and penetrate baked in dirt, oil and road grime to unclog your filtration media leaving your filter performing like new.   


1.Simply liberally apply Volant's filter cleaner to your aftermarket air filter thoroughly covering your filter pleats. 

2.Allow filter cleaner to soak. 

3. Rinse filter thoroughly from the inside out with hot water and then allow filter to dry.  

4. Check to make sure filter is dry then re-install.


For Best Results on Oiled Filters:

Re-apply oil.  Volant's filter oil (5109) contains a blue dye to easily see where the oil has saturated into the filter, eliminating the common mistake of over oiling the filter. When used correctly, Volant's filter cleaner kit can maintain the life and performance of your Volant high-flow filter and Cool Flow air intake system.

Air flow test have proven that cotton-gauze filters flow much more air than paper element filters do. However, when they get dirty, they can clog up and limit air flow. This is one reason why you should clean your air filter with Volant's filter cleaner kit. The kit contains Volant's filter cleaner that loosens and removes dirt trapping capabilities.


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